Very cool speaker

GLA-55 speakers from harman / kardon

I was in Berlin last week at the consumer electronic show IFA. Huge, huge event, way too much to see in the day I had (especially as I was there to show Amplified Journeys to the world) These speakers (GLA-55) on the Harman Kardon stand were really tactile and I am sure will be a hit. There are some shapes you just have to feel and pick up. The only shame is that they are not actually glass, I just wanted them to be heavier and cold to the touch - that would have been cool.

Which brand??Many brands had stands covered in flat screen TV's. The trouble with such plenty was a real lack of brand individuality. Much like the Sat Nav hall which featured 1000's of oblong grey box's showing maps. Both sectors need an 'Apple' moment to break out of such comformaty.

Actually Becker systems did have some neat rubber coated Sat Nav units (Z 100, review features excellent reader comments!) aimed at bikers which would look great in cars. Especially if coated in other textures.

There is a Flickr set HERE of the things I did get to see at the show.