Privacy in the age of disclosure

Lots of chat at the moment about the true effect on consumers of normalising social media behaviour.

I have a short bit in my Augmented Reality talk I have been giving, but found this by Dr Norman Lewis, seen on Spiked  "...One of the most confusing things about the question of privacy, and what makes it so elusive today, is that it is far from evident how people regard their right to privacy, or how these attitudes translate into day-to-day behaviours.

The concept of privacy, once merely thought of as the right to be left alone, has been transformed as we have become more information-oriented and as digital technologies have come to ensure that almost everyone now has a ‘digital fingerprint’. The question is further complicated by the fact that, in recent decades, the boundary between private and public has become blurred. A new age of disclosure has emerged where reality TV and social networking sites now represent the ‘private’ face of public scrutiny..." (rest HERE)