We don't do ambiant

I have always said that what we do is create waves. If you are too cautious the waves won't be big enough for people to see. Once you start a wave you must be prepared for it to reach something or at the very least rebound. Trouble is so many agencies produce work that hesitates as if afraid to cause a ripple. Steve Henry has written an excellent bit on this subject. He describes the effect on the agency Albion when they let the viral 'Slap Nick Griffen' free across the web. Details HERE.

"...And the agency was threatened with physical violence, which was why the door was locked. Now for me this is EXACTLY what a great agency does. Get stuck into culture, have an opinion, have a great creative idea, and get it out there fast. And make sure to stir it up. Using the wonderful world of social media. I'm getting sick of saying this, but 90% of advertising goes out there and does nothing at all..."