The current debate on the usefulness of social media summed up in three documents.

Pretty neat set of papers summing up key view points on brand Facebook. Ranging from 'Ban it, close it off' to  'We're not using it enough' Great to see a debate underwritten by such urgency from both sides to do something now. What everyone agrees is not having a Facebook policy is the biggest crime of the year.

1. Why ALL bosses should copy me and ban Facebook from the workplace’ by Theo Paphitis (published in The Mail Online - where else?)

2. "...innovative business leaders should be looking to introduce ‘Facebook’-like create a more collaborative and efficient workplace.." Dr Norman Lewis on

3. "What the f**k is social media? -one year later" Marta Kagan of Espresso (13 million views on slideshare inside a month of these slides below)