Perfect working enviroment? -there isn't one.

Because we are people, (not cliche office drones) we each respond in different ways to our environment. Once a company grows beyond the dream team sized start-up of 9**. Any attempt to create the 'perfect' environment, how ever funky, will always leave some poor soul at odds with there work space. Corperatised fun environments are exactly the oxymoron they sound like. Slides and fake grass in reception are as bad as grey cubicles and strip lighting. It all smacks of a lack of innovation within the work force. Natural light, decent coffee and fast internet connection normally does the trick. -oh and a cracking place to bitch/gossip/flirt. Best if the latter is the same place as the decent coffee, bananas and free toast. The agency kitchen therefore should be the most homely, most useful place for a company to invest in.

Personally I love noise/loud music and am unable to work tidy. I also feel the ability to change where you sit in an office frequently, stops staleness. Actually the only time I had to work in a regimented office environment was at Saatchi's in the late 80's. The resultant chaos (and occasional fire) led to my nickname of Professor Piehead (Viz character)