Planners -look up!

Good thoughts from Sarah Newman chair of the APG calling for more 'Noisy thinking' the key point being the most powerful work from planners in 2011 was via collabortion and cross displine (and agency) teams.

"We suffer not just from ignorance of the future, but from a limited capacity to imagine what the future might be," John Kay said in Obliquity.

Much as any tourist to London is told 'Look up' the best of this amazing city is above head height, so with planners work, so much is just above/outside the normal round of tasks. We are moving however slowly away from the generation of Google based planning and into a more analogue/digital split view of an activated world.

There are a whole bunch of skilled/informed souls outside of normal agency life that planners must have relationships with from Psychologists to Carers

"Planning is an exciting discipline in an exciting world. But planning needs to stop talking brilliantly to itself and start talking to a broader audience ... and be a more dynamic, high-profile and appreciated agent for change in the agency and marketing worlds." Adam Morgan