London capitol of the world

If you like stats this is an excellent read, (no honest, it is)  but also a great insight into future trends.

MasterCard Index of Global Destination Cities:
Cross-Border Travel and Expenditures 2Q 2011
Yuwa Hedrick-Wong, Ph.D.
Global Economic Advisor, MasterCard Worldwide

London remains the global capital. This based not only on visitor numbers and average spend, but that its visitors come from the most diverse cities of origin.

Key trend is how American cities are getting less and less relevant on the global stage, none make it into the top 20 this year. Only New Yorks staggering average visitor spend of $2,671 (my last bar bill may of helped with this) make any headlines within the report.

Key global  growth cities for 2012 with all factors considered are Istanbul and Kuala Lumper. In the long term, Istanbul's key rival in the region may be the newly democratic Tunisia as it has similar workforce, transport & economic attributes

Big big sign on the horizon however is China, New regulations mean Chinese nationals can now travel to places like duty free Hainan Island (savings of about 30% on luxury goods) Predictions show that by 2014 China will be the worlds biggest consumer of luxury goods

Remember we work in the worlds best city.  People want to come here from just about every county across the globe. Once here more want to work, spend & invest than in any other city in the world. Wants more it's Friday and the sun's out (news bit on report)