27 Friday 2012


Few of us in the normal run of things get to perform. Fewer of us still to a big audience, but today in front of the biggest TV  audience in the world we will perform. What's more we're doing it live baby, no replays, no cuts, and one chance, one hit. We’re going to nail it because we are brilliant. So brilliant because we’re caught on wave of energy only an amateur, a volunteer can produce. Freed from the concerns of a season professional. We, the volunteers for London. Friday is our day. We are the show. We’ve raised the bar, a bunch of the most random people the country had to offer, but we will nail it. We will make the world stand up. We will make the world think. Real people, doing real stuff for a country they live in. No Government, No Sponsor. Just passion for the show.

I love what we’re doing. I love my new friends. Today is our day. The people’s day. The athletes will wait. Because today we will be us. Thank you Danny for this chance, We will not disappoint you.